Posted by: Chelsea Novak | December 13, 2002

Gah, Uug, Ow

I hate this. This knawing, grinding pain in my stomach and the headache that just will not go away. Wait, it did go away for the duration of belly dancing class where I danced for nearly two hours straight last night. This may explain some of the stomach pain, as my abs are basically saying “the hell are you trying to do to us?” and I reply “flatten you out, my little darlings.”

I should have stayed in bed today, but as long as I have the strength to be productive, I will be. Dumb I know, but it’s the way I work. Regardless of my choices, I feel crummy and tired and grouchy and just want to stay in bed for a week. But I can’t do that because, true to form, my mind has gone into “everything must be done at this very moment” mode. I’m such a neurotic head-case sometimes. Loveable though…



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