Posted by: Chelsea Novak | December 11, 2002

Full of grace

After a pleasant evening at the office Christmas party, where my Secret Santa proved that he rocks by giving me a Darth Maul action figure, I found myself feeling a little groggy today. Which is odd, since I was drinking orange juice last night. Maybe I’m having sympathy cloudiness for M, since he wasn’t drinking orange juice and is battling the spirits this morning. I’m just a little bit out of it today.

As I was walking to work I had one of my moments of total spasticness. These take over my body from time to time, making any attempt at grace or poise impossible. I was walking to work, headphones on and trying to become one with the bitter (sunny) cold that has enveloped Prague. As I was crossing the street at the Jindrisska tram stop, my body went postal. My chunky refusal-to-embrace-the-pointy-toed-shoes-trend boots managed to get stuck in the tram rails. Rails that I have managed to avoid with skill for well over two years. I felt my momentum start to shift, as the upper part of my body kept moving and my lower body stopped. I tried to regain my balance, growing up as spastic as I am I’ve become quite skilled at recovering from potential falls. But not this time.

My knee came crashing down into the pavement as the momentum and weight of my upper body and bag threw me forward. And there I was. In the middle of the morning crowds, piles of people waiting for trams on both sides of the street, there I lay, sprawled face down on the tram tracks. Thankfully, there were no trams coming, meaning that my embarrassment wasn’t compounded by trams full of people seeing my body splayed across the tracks, while the drivers ring their bells in irritation for the delay.

I got up as quickly as I could, limping off the tracks as nice Czech ladies were asking me if I was okay. I skinned my knee and strained my wrists from breaking my fall, but nothing vital was damaged. I limped behind the waiting vestibules and gathered myself. Turns out, the tram tracks are damn dirty, which means my mittens are going to need a wash.

Sigh, this is the way I start my day.



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