Posted by: Chelsea Novak | June 6, 2011

Bare Essentials: Buxom Lash

I’m back! And I’m back talking about mascara. All is right in the world again.

I’m also way overdue on some product reviews. As usual I’ve been testing up a storm and keeping all the juicy details to myself. Bad Chelsea.

Way back during the holidays (seriously, it’s been awhile) I got the perfect gift. A Sephora sampler pack of mascaras. It’s called LashStash and it included 10 sample sizes of premium mascaras. Fun for weeks right there. I hope to review my favourites in the next little while.

The first of the bunch and the only one I’ve purchased in large form (Benefit’s Bad Gal aside, as I already know how good that stuff is) is Bare Essentials’ Buxom Lash.

As it’s been a little while, it might be prudent review what I think makes a good mascara.

  • First, it has to look fabulous. One coat should give you natural with oomph, two coats should have you feeling a bit sassy and three coats should have you well on your way to vamp-ville. Four coats should get your lashes registered as a weapon.
  • Next, it has to last. I find most mascaras have a breaking point. They’re great all day and then boom, they’re flaking and making you want to tear out your eyes unless you get that shit off your lashes right away. 12 hours is my minimum standard.
  • It can’t stink. I understand that there’s some serious chemistry going on with mascara, but if I’m meant to put this stuff near my eye, then it can’t smell like turpentine.
  • Finally, a good applicator. Applicator brushes are a matter of personal taste. I haven’t found one I like more than the Givenchy Phenomen’Eyes, but if you’re throwing down $32 for a tube of mascara, you should get something that’s easy to use and yields results.

So how does Buxom measure up? It’s a volumizing mascara, which I prefer. It meets all the above criteria for sure. As I prefer a little more than natural with my makeup, 2 to 3 coats works well for daily wear. And I can usually get about 14 hours before it self-destructs on me. The applicator is pretty easy to use and like most premium mascaras, it’s patented (ever wonder what it would be like to work in the IP department of a beauty conglomerate?).

For the beauty-obsessed who are also particular about the chemicals that they put on or near their body or have profoundly sensitive skin, it’s made by Bare Essentials; the company that brought the mineral makeup craze into the mainstream. If you have sensitive skin, this may be a good option for you as it’s free of some of the things that people commonly react to. I do have one minor gripe: they say there are no synthetic dyes or fragrances. It seems to be suggesting that if a fragrance is natural, then it’s better for you. I’m allergic to a bunch of natural fragrances, so I don’t quite get why this is a selling feature. Sigh.

Summary, it’s a solid mascara and as such, it gets a solid A-. It would get a full A if I weren’t so smitten with Phenomen’Eyes, but honestly, nothing has compared yet.

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