Posted by: Chelsea Novak | January 2, 2011

Sultra: The Bombshell 1″

Beauty reviews are back my pretties and oh my is there a backlog. During my hiatus, a bucketload of products have crossed my path. I’ll do my best to catch up and then we can all glam it up. Boo and ya.

To begin, I’d like share my thoughts about the Sultra Bombshell clampless curling iron.  In the eight years that I’ve been blogging about beauty products and the like, I’ve chronicled my frustration at having heavy, straight hair. You name the curling option, I’ve tried it. Steam rollers, velcro rollers, pillow rollers, perms, coke can rollers, curling shampoos, industrial strength dryers, animal sacrifice… the only thing that really works (and by works, I mean holds curl for more than 30 minutes) is a curling iron on dry hair with no product in it.

I have a pretty great ceramic iron with variable temperature settings that has done pretty well by me for the last few years, but the lines left in my hair from the clamp always bugged me. Hair this straight is pretty unforgiving. A bad clamp and impatient hold and it’s all bad. To further complicate things, I don’t curl my hair often enough to be proficient with it like the pros are. As much as I think I look better with curls and waves, the damage done by the heat and the clamps keeps it an occasional thing.

This brings us to the Sultra Bombshell. I don’t want to overstate things, but this thing is awesome. It’s basically a blazingly hot ceramic rod that you wrap your hair around. It comes with this crazy pink glove that you wear to protect your fingers from burning while you hold the hair in place around the rod. I cannot express to you how important it is that you use the glove. USE THE GLOVE. Otherwise, you will get very singed hands.

Minor burns aside, the Bombshell is very, very easy to use. Check out YouTube for some helpful videos on how to use it. For the messy waves I’m fond of, I found it best to hold the Bombshell upside down and wrap my hair around it from the base of the iron to the end. The results were better than I’ve ever been able to achieve.

Also, it’s quick. Curling my hair used to be a 15-30 minute enterprise (the more time I invested the better the result). With the Bombshell, I’ve got messy waves in 5. Glam hair in less than 10. Crazy ringlets in 15. Because there’s no clamp, my ends don’t get as fried either as they aren’t being compressed and abused. The curls last. Of course they fall some during the day, but generally, they hold together.

In the market for a curling iron? I wholeheartedly recommend this one. Unless, of course,  you don’t like beauty tools that are easy to use, yield great results and don’t cause hair damage. If you do, get one of these, fire it up and get ready for some easy to achieve, beautiful hair.


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