Posted by: Chelsea Novak | January 1, 2011

Top 10 of 2010

2010 was a challenging year to say the least. With me throughout the good times and the bad, there was music. Good ol’ music. I’ve decided to remember 2010 for the positives rather than the negatives. In that spirit I’ve assembled, in no particular order, the 10 songs I liked best last year.

Hang With Me – Robyn
Robyn put out three, count ’em, three albums this year as a part of her Body Talk project. Of all the great tracks on Body Talk, “Hang With Me” is some of her finest work. It may be the perfect electro-pop song.

At My Heels – Twin Shadow
I’m not much of an album person, but if I were and I were making lists of awesome albums, Forget would be on it. But I’m a singles girl and “At My Heels” is quirky and dark with hints of pop. Also, it’s about being chased by a ghost.

Teenage Dream – Katy Perry

There may have been better Top 40 songs this year. There may have even been better Katy Perry songs this year, but “Teenage Dream” really stuck with me. Perry and her team (which includes Scandinavian super producer Max Martin) wrote about how falling in love with “the one” feels like you’re falling in love for the first time, all the time. I liked that. There was also talk of tight jeans.

In The Sun – She & Him
This song, from She & Him’s Volume Two ended up being my 2010 anthem. It also manages to be really upbeat about people who are feeling sad. A refreshing change from all that straight-ahead mopey stuff out there.

Tighten Up – Black Keys
Summer 2010 was about all things Black Keys. From solo projects by Dan Auerbach, Dummer, BlakRoc and all the previous previous Black Keys albums, we were on a steady diet of this Ohio duo. While there are many phenomenal tracks on this year’s Brothers I had to give the nod to “Tighten Up” if only for the awesome tempo change at the end.

F**k You – Cee Lo Green
“F**k You” may be the best example of calling a spade a spade out there. Revenge against a gold-digging girl in the form of making bucket loads of money with a hugely successful pop song… well played Cee Lo. A hat tip as well for giving us all something catchy/feisty to sing loudly in the car.

Heard It On The Radio – The Bird & The Bee

When I heard The Bird & The Bee were doing a tribute album to my beloved Hall & Oates I was pretty excited. The album faithfully covered eight Hall & Oates hits and a playful original “Heard It On The Radio.” When I wasn’t listening to the Black Keys, I was listening to this song.

End Of Line – Daft Punk (Tron Legacy)

I’m a geek. No doubts about it. As you might imagine, I was pretty excited about the Tron: Legacy sequel that was released in December. The fact that the wonderful electronic geniuses Daft Punk were doing the soundtrack, it was like eating a chocolate cake with no threat of weight gain. The album is a yummy fusion of symphony and electronica. “End Of Line” is a big highlight.

Eclipse (All Yours) – Metric
Yes, yes, I know this is from a Twilight movie. But as cheesy as the books and movies are, the soundtracks are good. Like, better than they should be good. The title track from the most recent film is pretty mushy for a Metric song, but even a mushy Metric song is a pretty good song. Sometimes I get mushy. It happens.

Castles In The Snow – Twin Shadow
Yes, two Twin Shadow tracks. That’s just how much I liked Forget. “Castles In The Snow” is much darker and slower than other Twin Shadow tracks, with the angst factor dialed up to eleven. Like, so much so that I’m fully expecting to see it in use this year on the Vampire Diaries while pretty people stare at each other feeling, you know, angst.

No sing-a-long song today. I just gave you ten.


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