Posted by: Chelsea Novak | April 19, 2009

Joe Fresh Beauty

Bargain hunting beauty junkies rejoice! Joe Fresh (the style saviour for those on a budget) has release a cosmetics line. It’s called Joe Fresh Beauty and for the price point, it’s really pretty good. And by pretty good, when I can get an eyeliner, brow gel and a lip stain for less than $20, it’s a good day for impulse beauty buys.

I’m still working my way through the collection. I started my sampling a spongetip eyeliner (Scroll down to find it) in brown, the clear lash and brow mascara (Guess what? Scroll down!) and the lip stain (again with the scrolling down) in apple.

Starting with the eyeliner, I have to say that the packaging is rather clever. The sharpener is built seamlessly into the end of the applicator. The liner goes on easily enough, but I did find the intensity of the pigment to be lacking. That’s my general complaint with cosmetics at a lower price point, you have to use a lot to get it to actually appear. If you decide to get this for the ease of use, the darker the colour the better.

The clear mascara/brow gel is quite good for the price. It keeps things in place, but it does take a little while to dry to try not to dishevel your brows to much until it sets.

Lastly, the lip stain is really cute, easy to use and the colours are flattering. I didn’t find it to last six hours, but it did make it about two, which on me is an impressive feat as I am the killer and eater of lip products.

Fellow beauty junkies have reported that the eye shadows are good. Covering all the basics quite respectably. I’m considering testing out the face products next, but will be shocked right out of my socks if the product looks decent on.  Foundation is just something that shouldn’t be scrimped on and needs to be perfectly matched to your skin to look truly awesome. Still, at prince points between $4 and $8, I’m willing to experiment and be proven wrong.

Will report soon. Until then, pick some up next time your getting some groceries. At the very least, the prospect of having some beauty toys to play with can make a weekly task less mundane.



  1. I tried the eyeliner and the mascara. I had a similar reaction as you did to the eyeliner and thought it was a good basic for the price. The mascara was $6 so you can’t expect 6 mile long lashes that are 300% fuller than your natural fringe, but it was a solid mascara that didn’t clump going on and didn’t flake throughout the day. All in all, I’m just happy to have some makeup to play with that I don’t have to save up for 🙂

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