Posted by: Chelsea Novak | April 18, 2009

Herbal Essences: Hydralicous

herbalesshydraA month or so back, the kindly folks at Clairol asked me to demo their new line of shampoos and conditioners in their Herbal Essences line: Hydralicous.

Perhaps you’ve seen the somewhat silly ads (though compared to most Herbal Essences ads, this one’s pretty tame as no one is achieving climax by washing their hair) or noticed the fun swirly bottles at your local drug store? Well, I was sent all six products in the Hydralicous line and being the kind (read: strapped for time) soul that I am, I share some of the reviewing duties with some fine young ladies that I work with.

The Featherweight Shampoo and Featherweight Conditioner went to Stacia who has short, fine hair. The Self-Targeting Shampoo and Self-Targeting Conditioner went to Leah, who has shoulder length fine hair. As neither of them were keen to add a whole lot of weight to their hair and I have some rather intensive conditioning needs, I used the Reconditioning Shampoo and
Reconditioning Conditioner.

Stacia said:

I liked it but I didn’t love it. I liked the packaging, what the product looked and smelled like, and the fact that for my hair, I needed very little to do the job. The one thing that will prevent me from buying this product is that it made my scalp itchy. It didn’t matter how much or how little I used, it always happened. It dried my head out – not necessarily my hair, but my scalp. It did make my hair very clean, though, so it allowed me to wash it less than I normally would – short hair needs to be washed a lot. I normally wash every other day, and I found I could go longer. In short – it worked well, but at a price.

Leah said:

It was okay but I wouldn’t keep using it. I found it dried my hair out quite a bit and the smell was a little over powering. I do think they’ve packaged it well but those commercials are horrific.Out of 10 I’d only give it a 6.

I said:

Once I forced myself to get over the absurdity of a Reconditioning Conditioner (WTF?) I did find myself amused by the swirly purple product. It smelled lovely and the shampoo did a good job of washing my hair without drying it out . The Reconditioning Conditioner (WTF?) however, was a epic fail for me. When you have long, thick hair, excellent detangling is a must. This is why I do not skimp on conditioner, EVER. Trying to comb out my hair after the wash was excruciating. I’ve developed a pretty strong scalp over the years, but the conditioning was so poor that I almost had tears in my eyes from the pain.

Not to be deterred and wanting to give the product a genuine chance, I tried different variables of conditioning (or reconditioning (WTF?) as it were).  I tried leaving it on for more than five minutes, I tried rinsing it out fairly promptly and I tried slathering it on as though it were going out of style.  There was no difference in the post-washing comb out. Agony.

So not overwhelming awesome reviews. It seems that Hydralicous is more dehydrating than one would expect.  Which is too bad, as it’s really well marketed. The product looks fun, it smells really lovely and the packaging and copy totally works for young women. It’s just a pity that the product fails to live up to its looks.


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