Posted by: Chelsea Novak | April 4, 2009

Pay It Backwards Day Toronto

I’m just about to head out for Pay It Backwards Day, here in Toronto, where the organziers are trying to break the world record for paying backwards by trying to get 500 people to buy coffee for the person behind them. A super-nice idea, but even more awesome because Second Cup (at Queen and John where this is all going down) is donating %100 percent of the proceeds to SickKids Foundation.

There will be street performers, dancers, media, local band The Apollo Effect with ‘celebrity’ servers Erica Ehm (TV personality and Much VJ), Michael Landsberg (Off The Record), Bruce Turner (Style By Jury), Talia Russo (Actress) and $50 iTunes gift cards to every hundredth person as they make their way through the line!

It starts at 1 p.m. so I hope to see a lot of you in just over two hours. We can make it a warm-up party for Rock4TheKids on Tuesday.


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