Posted by: Chelsea Novak | March 19, 2009

Service in uncertain times

With layoffs happening every which way we turn these days, I decided it would be wise to cut a few costs to pad the coffers. I looked at some of the services I enjoy and sadly it was my XM radio that found its way to my fiscal chopping block. I have a lot of music at my disposal, but it on CD, on my computer, on my iPod, my iPhone… you get the picture.

XM was destined to go, which is a shame because I enjoy it a lot. My XMU, my XM Pops and the glorious XM Backspin, I adore them all. I listen to it when I’m home alone, while I clean the house and when we have friends over for dinner or to play UNO. Yes, we have people over to play UNO. We roll like that.

So I called them today to cancel the service, which would save about $200 a year. They asked me why I was leaving, I told them about my reasons and they said they’d been hearing this from a lot of customers. The rep suggested an alternative. A year for $58 dollars.


By switching me over to pay for the service annually and using my most recent payment (as I paid every three months) towards the annual fee, I got a year for $58. Still a savings. They get to keep me as a customer and I get to keep my steady stream of novelty.

Even better the XM rep set up my online XM Radio (something I’d always meant to do, but never did because it involved bringing my radio ID number into my work computer and I ALWAYS forgot), so I can listen at work or really anywhere I can get online.

Basically, one phone call saved me money, save my subscription and expanded the utility of the service for me.  A sliver of sunshine in uncertain times.



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