Posted by: Chelsea Novak | March 10, 2009

On April 7 Rock4TheKids


During the winter holidays, my friend John and I were having an IM chat about Rock Band. I’d just gotten it as a gift and was starting to appreciate its awesome potential. I don’t remember which one of us said it, but it was suggested that playing the game in front of a crowd would be the ultimate Rock Band experience.  Doing what I do for a living, it hit me that this could be a freaking amazing opportunity to rock-out on stage and raise some money for SickKids.

If you need any evidence of how amazing SickKids is, talk to a parent of a child who was helped here, talk to a patient whose life was saved or even talk to a researcher or 200 who are working tirelessly to make discoveries that mean less pain, higher survival rates, shorter hospital stays and ultimately cures for sick children.

There’s this amazing space at SickKids called Marnie’s Lounge where older kids can get together and play games. One of the most popular games in Marnie’s is Rock Band. Knowing this, it seemed like a perfect fit. Getting Rock Band players out of their living rooms and basements and onto the stage at Revival in Toronto for one night to raise money for the hospital.

We think it’s going to be amazing. It’s not about playing everything on expert. There’s a performance component as well. Registered bands will compete in one round, the top three bands will be judged by our celebrity panel of judges (I’ll let you in on them as they’re confirmed) and the best band will win prizes (those details are coming too) and bragging rights.

So if you’re interested in putting together a band for the event on April 7, check out and register. If you’re rather come out and watch, admission is $5 and gets you a ticket for one of the prize draws. If you can’t make it to the live event you can still donate here and if that’s not an option, please pass details of the event on to friends and family.

I’ll keep you posted on how it’s all coming together here and on the Rock4TheKids  blog.



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