Posted by: Chelsea Novak | February 26, 2009

This product may save my marriage

Not that it’s actually in jeopardy, but still.

I’m kind of notorious for not hearing my phone ring. It’s been an ongoing problem that has evolved to a point where M can express all of his frustrations at my missed calls by simply saying (or texting) “shock collar!”

It’s been his thinking that a shock collar is the only thing that might alert me to an incoming call.

Being a girl, I carry my phone in my purse, so I can’t always perceive it when it vibrates. I’m also almost always listening to an iPod (but almost never the iPod in my iPhone – I know. I know), so sometimes calls get missed. I try to be vigilent and check my phone often, but things happen.

So while I’m sure the shock collar solution would have been effective, it would have been really hard to accessorize with and pretty uncomfortable. This stainless steel LCD Bluetooth Vibrating Bracelet appears to be the solution to all of my phone-answering woes.

It will vibrate when I get a call. I can actually send the call right to voicemail from the bracelet and it even notifies me when I lose Bluetooth signal. The description of “stylish bracelet” might be a bit generous on the part of the creator, but it could be much worse.

I sent the link to M earlier and his reply was simple “There’s your birthday present.” So only seven months of missed calls to go.




  1. To be fair to you, it’s gotten much better since you got the iPhone, mostly, I suspect, because you probably have it in your hand more (playing solitaire).

  2. Oh wow, I must consider buying this, I’m completely in the same boat as you. Last night Johnathan tried me 4 or 5 times before I noticed he was calling.

  3. Man, I never hear my phone ring and I don’t even listen to an iPod. Though, I do think it’s a conspiracy between Motorola and some nefarious criminal organization so I’m not sure the “fashionable” bracelet would help me.

  4. Wow. I must get this for Emma. She has long since tired of all the sarcastic “in fact I have NOT reached Emma Evans…” messages I have left on her cellphone voicemail.

    Failing that, I will adopt the “shock collar” remark. Thanks M!

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