Posted by: Chelsea Novak | February 24, 2009

L’Oreal Beauty Tubes Double Extension Mascara

I was recently asked by the lovely people at L’Oreal Paris to test their new Beauty Tubes Double Extend Mascara. The claim with this product is that it replicates the lash extensions you can get at a salon, but it takes a lot less glue and a lot less time.

First off, I’ve never had lash extensions. I’ve considered it, mostly because my colourist also happens to be amazing at all things extension, but didn’t because of the revolving cost.  So I don’t have a direct basis for comparison, but I’m always excited to try a mascara.

Beauty Tubes is one of those mascaras that come with a base coat. In this case it’s a white base coat. I’m sure there’s logic to it. Maybe the white helps you see how far the product has already extended your lashes? Maybe it amps up the drama when you put on the top mascara coat? I don’t know.  But it irks me. Mostly because it makes me really obsessive about making sure that all the white areas are covered with a black second coat. I think I end up putting on more mascara than originally planned, which also adds to the dramatic effect.

The base coat conditions and primes, the top coat creates the “tube” and lengthens. And they don’t lie. It does. My lashes are really long wearing this stuff. Not so much with the volume, but you can’t have it all.

I wore this mascara for a few weeks putting it through the rigors of my day-to-day life. Work, transit, some particularly sweaty dance classes and as promised the tubes held up. A very good thing.

The best thing has been how it doesn’t irritate my eyes after about 12 hours of wear. With almost every other mascara I’ve worn, at about the 12 or 13 hour mark I HAVE to get the stuff off or I’ll rub my eyes raw they’ll be so irritated. None of this happened with Beauty Tubes and that made me happy. I could wear them comfortably from 7 a.m. to well past midnight. That’s makeup that fits my life.

Another feature L’Oreal Paris raves about Beauty Tubes is how easy they are to remove. This is both true and misleading. You can remove them with water, but you’ll be splashing your face for a good 30 seconds and wiping the tubes off your cheeks for some time. While it doesn’t irritate the eye as much as eye makeup remover can, it takes about four times as long. Some times you have to just start pulling them off your lashes to speed up the process. Needles to say, this is not a product for swimmers.

Along with two samples of Beauty Tubes (one of which I gave to Tash to review – her review was easy “Meh”) L’Oreal also sent me a smoky eye kit. This included Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner in Carbon Black (the most amazing liquid liner I’ve seen for $8) and a Wear Infinite Eye Shadow in Smokey Eyes ( a nice little palette of greys).  It was interesting putting all the L’Oreal Paris products together, though it really exposed which of the three products were superior. The carbon black eyeliner was so powerful (even with the application of a very thin line) that full-on false lashes would have complimented it best.

My final conclusion is that this mascara is okay. Beauty Tubes retails around $14 in Canada, making it a totally respectable option for the mid-range beauty addict. If long lashes is what you, ahem, long for, it’s a reasonably priced way to get long lashes without irritating your eyes. Is it the most-awesome mascara made? Not really, but it might be the most awesome mascara you can get for the price.

And speaking of price, the lovely L’Oreal Paris people have provided me with a $5 coupon for those of you interested in giving it a try. Just click on the image and input the reference code for your coupon.

LOreal Coupon

L'Oreal Coupon



  1. What’s your favourite smudge-proof mascara, Beauty Guru? I’m in the market for something that doesn’t transfer to my skin after a full day (contributing to my dark circles further.) And I’m scared of this “tube” business.

  2. The “tubes” aren’t so scary. Just a bit odd. And they do not smudge. It’s really cool how totally not irritating they are to the eyes.

    What are you using now and how much are you willing to throw down to be smudge-free?

    Lancome Hypnose is always a good bet and delivers the gorgeous sans the smudge.

  3. I did not love Hypnose, although I can’t quite recall the reasons why.

    I’m currently waffling between Waterproof Lashblast (like $7, because I am poor) and the Clinique mascara that came in the last bonus.

    My all-time favourite mascara was the Biotherm wide open eyes because it lifted my lashes so hard and made my eyes looks SO big and pretty and I could wear it all day without any amount of smudginess.

    So yes, perhaps a cheap or mid-range mascara option? (Thanks!)

  4. Sweet new digs! I take it you are well aware that there is a project-runway-like show for makeup artists called ‘Blush’? Don’t know much more about it but caught a bit on TV by chance the other night and thought of you …

  5. La,
    I have not seen it. I’ll see if I can wrestle some PVR time to catch it. project-runway/top model type shows stress me out though.

    $$$ solution would be DiorShow Mascara. It’s known for giving a wide-eyed look.

    $$ solution, Benefit BadGal

    I think you can still get the Biotherm Wide Open Eyes mascara in the states.

    The Givenchy Phenomen’Eyes is still like nothing I’ve ever used. Smudgy but so gorgeous.

  6. i am love love loving the givenchy phenomen’Eyes since i read about it here 🙂 i don’t actually find it all that smudgy and am thinking that may be due to our super dry climate ~ i love that it doesn’t flake.

    hypnose is also my want of choice so have been bouncing between the two depending on what look i’m going for 🙂

  7. WARNING:::::!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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