Posted by: Chelsea Novak | February 23, 2009

New digs

It’s taken almost five months for me to get this blog migrated, updated and sorted. Five months? What is going on in my life that makes finding a spare 10 hours so impossible? /sarcasm

Anyway here we are. Welcome. It’s the new Royal Word. All the old posts are here, including the 200 or so that were so old they were written before Blogger had a title field in it’s interface and I had to code in bold tags by hand which meant they didn’t migrate to Word Press as titles and fixing all of them was superfun.

Almost as superfun as moving 150+ photos from my old domain to more permanent hosting on flickr. Not all of that re-linking is complete but will be soon, cause doing it’s mind-numbingly awesome!

The primary migration of content took place last October and all posts since then were moved over manually (so awesome). As such the few comments that were on those posts did not make the move over.

Still, we are here. And we’re here together and the blogging will be more frequent and more awesome. While components of this migration have been tedious, the really cool part has been going back through six years of posts and seeing how much has changed and how much has stayed consistent. Copying and pasting html, not awesomely fun. Reading my writiting and thinking “I’d totally want to hang out with this girl”, hella cool.



  1. It’s taken me more than a year, and I’ve not really even started yet. So really, you’re ahead.

    I like the new digs.

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