Posted by: Chelsea Novak | December 6, 2008

When people find out that I have this (perhaps unhealty) thing for beauty products, the first thing I’m asked is “what is an easy thing I can do to look better?” I think that very question is basis of <a href=””>Benefit’s</a&gt; mission. Little things you can do to get a boost and get a glint of glorious girliness in your eye.

Learning to use highlighters can be an intimidating thing. We’re used to putting on makeup to either conceal scary dark things or on to things like lips and eyelids that give us a pretty good guideline in terms of where the colour goes. Highlighting is different. It’s adding light in places that may not seem obvious at first glance.

Light can have a profound effect on how you look. For some reason, when I think about adding light to my face, I think back to highschool, where a girl in one of my classes (who was so much better at art than I am) was using white pencil to add highlights to a mask she was drawing. While both our masks were colourful, hers seems so much more real, as the highlights were reflecting light. I never forgot the effect it had and was really pleased as products like <a href=”″>Miss Popularity</a> came on the market.

This one is a powdery highlighter. It’s pretty subtle going on, but also a bit messy, so be sure to lean over the sink, lest you want to be covered in white powder. The ladies at Benefit are kind enough to include a placement guide with the product, but if you want to try the product before reading the manual, try a bit between the eyes and a bit on the outside of your eyes moving towards your temples.

Then enjoy how everyone comments on how well rested you look.


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