Posted by: Chelsea Novak | October 17, 2008

I’m super brain. That’s how they made me.

During our respective vacations, M and I stayed in touch via SMS. I was really thankful that we could use it like we did, as it made the 10,000 km distance seem a little less epic. Having your thoughts reduced to 140 characters made for some interesting communication, especially when we were both getting into a different head space.

For me, going somewhere new and having time to think and relax was really helpful. Insightful conversation with Wendy helped a great deal too. I remember texting to M that I was sitting on a beach and reading. Finally reading and using my brain in a different way. And that it was really exciting for me. I guess that’s what makes vacation so great. Getting out of your environment and using different pathways in your brain. Sometimes it can feel like you’re actually thinking, versus running on autopilot.

Sadly, as I’ve been back for more than a week, I’m feeling that new cerebral state wash away. I don’t want to lose it. I liked feeling creative and like I couldn’t document my ideas fast enough.

In an effort to keep as much of that going I’ve got a couple of things planned. First, I’m going to try and find a book club. I know it will be hard because I want to read and discuss literature and books that interest me, and that’s not the typical fare you see in book clubs. So that search is on.

My hope is that by reading more, I can keep thinking more. It’s not that I never read when I’m not on vacation. I just never make the time for it.

Next, is blogging. It’s really fallen off in the last year. I know exactly why, but that doesn’t make it okay. I’m hoping to experience a blogging Renaissance, where I can approach it with the enthusiasm I had back in 2002. Over the years, while I’ve written a lot, I’ve said less. Blogging only about things that I would try to make above reproach. Which, while admirable, is also kind of wussy and uninteresting.

I’m not promising spectacular feats of intellectual writing. I’m just hoping that if I stimulate my brain a bit differently and make blogging a priority again then this new brain feeling will go from a once a year phenomenon to neural pathway to awesome.

If not, hopefully it will at least be amusing to read.


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