Posted by: Chelsea Novak | October 10, 2008

I forgot the Internet was random

Honestly, I totally forgot. I’ve been doing this blogging/social networking/blah blah blah stuff for so long that I forgot just how totally bonkers the Internet can be.

I was searching for a photo I had uploaded to my site to share with a friend as a laugh. A very, very geeky photo which I will share with you in good time. I couldn’t remember the URL, so I started just searching using good ol’ google.

I didn’t manage to find the photo I was looking for, but I did find other interesting and strange things involving other photos of mine (and just how many sites out there are aggregating twitter. Like my Joe Budden/Joe Biden tweet has somehow become attached to the Huffington Post. WTF!).

There’s that now infamous photo of the November Rain wedding dress by Cymbaline that so many people link to and e-mail me about (like in earnest, wanting to find a way to buy it, OMFG), which accounts for a lot of links. And I mean links in many languages, but beyond that, it gets a little odd.

Like this person from Miami, who found one of my photos of my Christmas tree and used it on her Christmas holiday greeting. Kind of flattering and it also inspired the following IM between Tash and I:

tashariffic: I was trying to read it….but then I realized, I don’t speak Spanish
herhighnessness: How far did you get?
herhighnessness: For some reason, I’m imagining a cartoon where the main character runs out over a cliff, but keeps on running until he realizes he’s over thin air, and then falls
tashariffic: hehe
tashariffic: well I realized it was Spanish but thought “maybe I’ll still get it”
tashariffic: I didn’t.

The oddest by far is the use of a photo of my beloved cat Zeus, on a site for a cat-based role playing game (scroll down a little). Like, he’s a character. Apparently he’s a Medicine Cat, named Mountaintail: “A handsome tom with orange brown eyes and a grey pelt. He is kind but overprotective. His mate is Shadowclaw and his kit is Dawnkit.”

Umm… okay. I mean, the first thing to come to my mind is that it’s pretty clear in this photo that this cat’s eyes are green. And also, it’s a cat RPG. I mean, it’s fine to have one and for people to play RPGs (though I don’t really get them), I just always kind of imagined Zeus as a first-person-shooter.

Oh, Internet. You never fail to amuse.


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