Posted by: Chelsea Novak | September 9, 2008

Benefit That Gal

Dewy. Do you ever wonder what that term means? I do. I see if in makeup ads and books all the time. I think of dew and I imagine that feeling of stepping on grass in the early morning and totally getting my shoe wet. I find that annoying. But I do get it. Dewy is supposed to mean fresh, young and radiant. I think of it more as approved oiliness.

Anyway, everyone wants that dewy look, cause we all want to look like we were born from nature, so full of life and renewal that sparkling drops of rain could fall from our fingers if we wished it so. Again, it’s strategically placed shine on your face. But who am I to take the romance out of primer.

For people with dry skin, a luminizer is a really good idea. Dry skin doesn’t produce enough sebum. Sebum is what makes skin shiny (or dewy if you prefer). While you, my dry skinned sisters, may moisturize from sun-up to sun-down, it’s hard to get glow. While it’s sad that the glow may not come on it’s own, you all get tiny pores from dry skin, so I don’t feel that sad about it. You can put an luminzer like Benefit’s That Gal before your foundation and you’ll be glowing up a storm.

It’s light, pinky and smells delicous. It’s a great primer and makes you look like you just had a chance encounter with a cute boy. Even those of us with oily skin can enjoy this product as it helps keep makeup from sliding off throughout the day.

Primer and luminizer. A clever combination that makes you look like you just jumped out of a nature scene, even though you’ve been at the office all day.


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