Posted by: Chelsea Novak | September 3, 2008

Whitening Listerine Quick Dissolving Strips

About a month back I was contacted by some marketing people at Listerine to test out one of their new products. Whitening Listerine Quick Dissolving Strips, a tooth whitening product that dissolves in your mouth as it works. Apply them correctly, and you have a quick, mess-free way to brighten your smile.

And we all like to have a bright smile.

While my first use of the strips was a little on the gross side, I’ve been pretty happy with them ever since. I really didn’t know what to expect with the first use and despite the excellent use instructions, I think I had them on the wrong way around so it was kind of foamy and a little hard on my stomach.

The second time was much better and very easy. Because the strip is really flexible, I could mold the strip around my less-than-straight teeth. People with small teeth can even cut to strip to fit their mouths better.

I’ve been using them about twice a day since for about three weeks, until I got a cold, which put all whitening projects on hold.

Generally, I’ve found them really convenient to use, applying them during my streetcar ride to work, before bed, even after my lunch break. For me they completely dissolve in about 15 minutes and I started noticing whiter teeth after about four days.

Along with my whitening kit, I also got a bunch of free samples, which I gave to friends and colleagues. Reactions to the product have varied from grossed out to positive, yielding some excellent user feedback:

-Kinda gross, but they fit better than the usual strips
-I love them. They’re really easy to use
-These will be perfect for my wedding prep
-Makes my teeth feel furry
-They’re really easy to use when you put them on the right way
-Tastes like I’m licking a cupboard (*I have no idea what this means or what this person keeps in their cupboards)

A colleague who tested the strips for me said she really liked how easy they were to use and how there was very little mess. She admitted that she drinks a lot of wine and eats fresh blueberries each day and while her teeth usually stay white in spite of that, she’s going to keep the strips around for after times when she has a lot of wine. I now keep a set in my purse for post wine occasions at her suggestions.

Basically, they’re quick and easy to use. Especially if you don’t have a spare 30 minutes, twice a day to sit around with strips or trays in your mouth. They’re an excellent and affordable solution to whitening on the go.

If you’d like to try some, the nice people at Listerine will send you some for free. Check out the link here.



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