Posted by: Chelsea Novak | August 11, 2008

Lost it’s flavour

I have eight gossip sites in my RSS reader that contribute close to 500 posts a day. A day. And for the last I don’t even know how long, I have kept up with them, consuming them like some kind of scriptural addiction.

This weekend, I stepped away from my computer for awhile. Mostly because I’ve been enjoying my online experience through my iphone. While away, my RSS reader amassed more than 3000 articles. My obsessive nature usually dictates that I would have to scan through all 66 feeds that I subscribe to (the gossip people being amoung the most prolific) no matter how long the list of posts, but something in my head snapped when I saw almost 1500 gossip posts. I thought “is this really that interesting?” and hit “mark all as read.”

I’ve wanted to be free of all the gossip for such a long time, but I kept going back time and time again, coming to hate it the more and more I read it yet needing to read as much as I could. I felt really liberated by this weekend and have continued to mark the gossip blogs as read today. I’m hoping it will stick all week so I can get up the conviction to delete the category entirely.

Given the mingling of fashion, beauty and celebrity, I know in my heart this emancipation will be short lived.



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