Posted by: Chelsea Novak | August 5, 2008

The joys of being sidelined

Summer weekends, when you have little to do, are a reminder of how therapeutic stillness can be. It works even better when there’s little you can do because you started your weekend off in the emergency room with a torn open toe.

Yes. That was how Thursday started. After a lovely evening’s walk on my own, I came home thinking of all the things I would clean and all the ways I would exercise on the long weekend. I had a few passive goals; fall asleep reading a book, watch an artsy DVD and get a bit of sun on my skin; but mostly I had walks, swims and dates with a mop and bucket in my four day plan.

Thankfully (?) I hurt my toe. it was a bloody mess that couldn’t be stitched and may take awhile to heal, but the health care system did me proud getting me in and as treated as I could be in less than three hours. Pretty amazing for downtown Toronto on the Thursday before Caribana.

While this injury is really tender and annoying, I’m not feeling completely negative about it. It is going to make exercise, specifically dance classes something I’ll have to assess on a case by case basis. And yes, that means that every morsel of food I eat will be under even more scrutiny since I can’t just dance away my bad choices. But for the last four days, limited mobility has been just the intervention I needed.

On Friday, I just sat around with my foot elevated, watching art films. From time to time I would just doze off, listening to Jean Paul Belmondo and Jean Seberg speak circles in French. M graciously did the errands for that day, made me an excellent steak dinner and I rested. Rested like I only rest on a Caribbean vacation. When I’m at home, if I can be doing something I will. But this was great because I really couldn’t. The most high intensity work I did was reorganizing my toiletries shelf and finishing the ironing.

Saturday I hobbled to the car and met M’s mother for lunch, had dinner with friends at Julie’s Cuban and since I couldn’t drive, I couldn’t be the DD, even if I wanted to. I’m always happy to be the DD, but there was something pleasantly irresponsible about not doing it this time.

As my toe got getter and better, I ventured out for a walk on Sunday. Brunch and some pick up shopping on Roncy before a hard afternoon of napping. That night brought friends over for dinner, again with M doing most of the prep and cooking. I think we had at least a bottle of wine each, which meant that Monday was again spent horizontal.

I feel so rested. Sure my toe is still far form healed, as it started to bleed again on my way to work this morning, but I feel like I was really able to recuperate. Largely in thanks to my wonderful husband and less in thanks to my damaged toe.




  1. Ouch! Sorry to hear about your toe (but glad that it occasioned a nice relaxing weekend). How did you manage to hurt it?

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