Posted by: Chelsea Novak | July 24, 2008

Dare I hope?

Long time readers may recall back in 2002 in Prague, M and I saved up our crowns and bought bikes. They were made by a Czech company called Author. Mine was red, white and black. M’s was orange, of course. We didn’t ride them every day, but we rode them a lot, touring the parks and streets of Prague.

I lugged both of them back with me on the flight from Prague to Toronto in 2003 (with a cat!) and rode it all the time while I lived in Kingston that summer. Like so many people that we’ve been reading about since the first raid, I had a connection with my bike.

So when it was stolen in the winter of 2004 I was upset. Yes, I got a new bike and it’s a good bike, but it’s not as special to me as that first bike was.

All this recent news of the raids on Igor Kenk’s astounding ring of bicycle thievery is giving me mixed emotions about my old bike. When the first few raids were made I had a glimmer of hope. Sure the police told me the day the bikes were stolen that they were most likely already on a container in a boat on its way to a black market somewhere overseas, but imagine if they were still here in Toronto. I knew the chances were slim, but it was hard not to think that my bike could be in there.

Even more remarkable that more than 250 bikes were uncovered yesterday two blocks from my house. I know, I know. It’s so unlikely that the bikes will be there. That hasn’t stopped me from pulling out whatever documents I have that prove that my bike was mine. I even have photos of me on my old bike, but who knows what the police will require in terms of evidence of ownership.

Even if our bikes aren’t in that huge warehouse this weekend, I hope that some people are reunited with what was stolen from them. And like the poem on the front door of Igor’s house of stolen property says “Bike thieves rot in hell.”



  1. I feel the same way about my beloved bike. I have to admit.

  2. hey there,
    You are lovely my dearest!
    cool blog.


  3. Any news on the bike, then? It’s frustrating how much work/planning some people put into ripping other people off. Imagine if all that creativity were put to better use …

  4. I went twice, after an additional stash of 700 bikes were found, and had no luck.

    I guess it was what I expected, but still a disappointment.

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