Posted by: Chelsea Novak | July 23, 2008

Darphin Arotiva Eye & Lip Contour Gel

One of my former bosses took me aside at the age of 27 and said “no matter what you do, use a good eye cream.” Looking at her astoundingly youthful looks, I took it to heart.

For those of us who choose to smile and smirk their way through life, wrinkles are going to happen. While a “dance like no one is watching” approach to aging is empowering and all, I’ll use whatever I can to keep those bad boys fine and shallow.

Just before the holidays Chanel discontinued my beloved Age-Delay Eye Cream. You don’t even know how much I loved that stuff. I’d been using it for about five years and it got me compliments like “did you swallow a fairy?” (thank you Mel!). Gel based which helped with puffiness, perfect for the first stages of aging skin and those Coco wearing clowns in Paris pulled it off the market in favour of an “energizing multi-protection creme” with SPF. SPF, right by my eyes. SPF that makes my skin go postal. Oh and it’s milky, not a gel, so you don’t get the same cooling effect. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

I’d never say that Chanel is dead to me, cause I world without Chanel is no world I want to be a part of, but this was the first time they’d really let me down.

My sage former boss swore by Darphin, so off to Darphin I trotted, the clerks at the counter salivating at the prospect of getting hooked for life. They hooked me up with the Arotiva Eye & Lip Contour Gel. Something akin to the Chanel gel in consistency.

Sadly they also piled me with all these serums, giving me really difficult and not particularly clear instructions on how to use it. Do I use the serum before the cream? Do I use it twice a day? Why does it smell like oranges? I had many questions and over the next few months I tested a number of serum/gel variables and came to this conclusion:

The gel is awesome. I use it twice a day and despite lifestyle changes that have meant less sleep, my eyes look pretty excellent for 31. The serum does nothing but smell and irritate my eyes.

They, the Darphin folks, suggested that without the serum you might as well give up and cover your head in a bag (okay I may be making that part up, but they did stress its importance in the beauty regimen). Perhaps I wasn’t paying enough attention to how and when to use it, but it did nothing for me. I also suspect that they gave me the wrong kind of serum for my skin. Maybe people with dry skin would find the stuff I had more effective?

Long story short (too late), the eye gel is great. Cooling, protecting and you don’t need a huge amount of it to make a difference. I’m still using the same container I got in December, using it twice a day and I think it might make it to next December. With longevity like that, it makes the $96 price tag pretty reasonable.



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