Posted by: Chelsea Novak | July 14, 2008

Beset with wireless devices

M got an iphone this weekend. It’s a sleek, smart and sexy little thing. I’m very happy that he was able to get one and I think it’s the right kind of device for him. It’s a phone, it’s an ipod, he can check e-mail, find stuff on a map, play Super Monkey Ball, take photos… it truly is a brave new world. Everything he needs in one device. I have to confess some jealousy here. It’s a beautiful piece of technology and it works for what he needs it to do.

I’m in an annoying wireless situation. I have a cell phone. A very pretty Nokia 7370. I love the way it looks, but have started to hate the way it works. Or more accurately, the way it doesn’t work. There’s some connection amiss in the swivel that makes the phone think that it’s closed every time I press a number on the keypad. This results in the screen flipping it’s image upside down and back pretty much constantly. I can cope with it, nauseating as it is, but text messaging throws me into a silent rage every time I do it.

I also carry a blackberry 8800 for work. It just has my work e-mail, work phone, some IM capability, no SMS capability. Since it belongs to my employer, it’s pretty locked down and it would also be really inappropriate to use it as a personal phone or to use the data plan to check things like gmail over WAP.

Then I have my ipod. Which I listen to constantly and love dearly. We go almost everywhere together.

So I had this idea where I could get a Blackberry curve, link in my personal e-mail and work e-mail, have a phone, customize it how I’d like and have less crap to carry around. Berry and ipod. I’d be laughing. But I can’t. I’m so not laughing. Sadly, because of policy at work, I can’t purchase my own blackberry and add my work information to it, which was what I was hoping for. I’m basically stuck carrying at three devices all the time. And that sucks.

I’ve had the discussion of blackberry vs. iphone as well. You know, merge the phone and ipod part. For what I do, and most of what I do is e-mail based, the blackberry makes the most sense. The iphone is tremendously sexy and I would love one, but it wouldn’t do what I need it to do and it would just be a whole lot of insane to carry and blackberry and an iphone.

Technology thwarted by policy and that’s a shame. It’s frustrating that I could be able to carry around an ipod and a blackberry, having my device needs met, but it’s three devices for me, one of which doesn’t work properly, another of which is has limited functionality and needs to be used responsibly and the last which works so well. Thank you Apple for that at least.




  1. boo! The tyranny of a ‘work’ policy triumphs over convenience, productivity and happiness yet again…

    I moved to the Curve for the very reasons you described and its worked out really well. Being with Bell i did have to wait for a year and a half for the curve to come out on CDMA but then… that’s another story.

    Sorry to hear about how the man is keeping you down…

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