Posted by: Chelsea Novak | July 9, 2008

Numbers don’t lie

There comes a point where a person has to be practical. I dance back and forth across the line of practical and frivolous pretty easily. I know that it’s wise to be prudent, but I also know that a girl’s gotta live. Sometimes I do a bit too much living and have to scale back. Other times, it just becomes undeniable that the practical way makes too much sense to ignore.

Last year M and I started driving to work. Transit around our part of town was under construction, information about reroutes had been poor at best and it took a lot less time to drive in. It was a bit more expensive, but not by too much and we didn’t have to deal with other people. Our car took regular gas then, there was a route, things seemed to work.

Now that we have a car that runs on premium (and paying for gas these days is like a sucking chest wound regardless of the grade) and M is at a new office, the carpooling system isn’t working so well. It actually takes him less time to get to work via transit at this place. I’m wanting to get into work earlier and we’re both staying a lot later. Sadly, we’re not car pooling like we did.

We did some math, didn’t like the answer, did more math, hated that answer and then did some more. Going back to both of us taking transit each day will save us over $200 a month. Like wow. I can’t even begin to ignore that, no matter how hard I try. I have to wonder how much more we would save if the transit system was priced sensibly, but that’s another rant.

At this point, it’s the right thing to do. I hate that it is, but it’s too much of a savings to ignore. I’ve really enjoyed having the flexiblity that the car gives me. Being able to run errands at lunch, getting home quickly after the gym, heck, just driving every day is a joy, espeically in my zoom-zoomy little car. The best part of it was that M and I would have a bit more time together during the week. Even though it would take him longer to get to work when we drove, he would still carpool with me for the company.

On the plus side, maybe saving more will reduce the severity of the stabbing pains I get in my chest every time I read about the economic downturn and the end of the world as we know it in the news every day. Oh dear. If that’s the upside of this, what a sad, sad day.



  1. i just looked up the cost of a transit pass there and my chin hit the ground !! i thought we were bad at 66.50 … yoiks!

    we started commuting via transit last year for the same reason and while i love the savings, i have to say that since i started biking 6 weeks ago, i know i am going to hate transit once winter blows in …

    good luck 🙂 and think about all the fun you can have with the extra monies 🙂

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