Posted by: Chelsea Novak | June 23, 2008

MAC Brush Cleanser

You clean your brushes, right? After every use, just like you’re supposed to? If you’re saying yes right now, I bet you floss regularly and iron your sheets too.

It’s funny. When I’m painting on canvas, I clean all my paintbrushes right away. I suppose because I’m usually running out of the house shortly after I paint my face that my makeup brushes don’t get the same quality treatment.

Now I always wash my brushes before and after I do a makeup job. Always. Other people’s health and hygiene are stake. But when it’s just me, I confess, I can go waaaaay to long between brush washings. Like weeks too long. And yeah, that’s just kind of gross, but I know there are some people out there who just don’t wash their brushes, ever. Ewww.

Brushes are lovely places for bacteria and other such evils to conglomerate. A quick washing and you’re in the clear from all those nasties. I mean, think about it for a minute. You spend how much on cleansers, facial treatments, makeup and brushes trying to make your skin look amazing, but if you don’t clean your brushes regularly, you might as well be washing your face with rats. Also your makeup goes on better as the colour isn’t contaminated and you’re not fighting with residual goop.

So now that I have you concerned about bacterial infections, breakouts and a nasty case of pink eye, let’s talk brush cleansers. Since good brushes are made a lovely fibres like goat and boar hair, it’s a good idea to use a very gentle cleanser. I’m a fan of the MAC brush cleanser. It costs about $10 and does a nice job. It’s pretty easy to use and since most of my brushes are MAC, I feel pretty confident about it prolonging their life. I use paper towel or a clean tea towel to dry them off after rinsing and lay them out to air dry.

If you don’t feel like throwing down $10 every so often, you can also use baby shampoo, as it’s also tremendously gentle. Make sure you dilute it though. I tend to use it for deep cleaning. Benefit used to make a combination makeup remover/brush cleaner, which they discontinued a few years back. However, gentle makeup remover can also be used as a brush cleaner. It’s still removing makeup after all.

What matters most is that you get your brushes clean, regularly. Make it part of your cleaning schedule and stop rubbing nasty old makeup on your face every day.




  1. So funny, I started a painting class a few weeks ago, and as I was fastidiously cleaning my (rather cheap beginners) brushes I totally though that it was funny that my makeup brushes were way nicer (all MAC), but not cleaned nearly often enough.

    Though when I do clean them, it’s MAC cleaner every time. So, less like actually rats, maybe more like Griffin’s cute little litter box walkin’ paw.

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