Posted by: Chelsea Novak | June 10, 2008

CHI Ceramic Flat Iron PINK

Recently a pink CHI flat iron made its way into my life. It’s almost identical to the regular black CHI, but pink. Beautifully pink. Something that makes you look pretty and is pretty at the same time. A rarity with beauty tools. But now that it was pretty on the outside, would it still deliver the awesome straightening powers we’ve come to expect from CHI?

I did a test on my hair, which admittedly is like adding black to coal. My hair is straight; annoyingly, persistently and conveniently straight. On a usual day, it gave my ends fantastic finish and added a bit more movement. I raised the ante as much as I could by sleeping on damp hair and ironing out the funkiness in the morning. The CHI worked so well and so quickly that I may start doing this more and score 30 more minutes of sleep in the morning.

To really test the powers of the iron, I recruited my favourite Guinea pig, Natasha. What I have in straight hair powers, she counters in curl. See pony tail below for evidence:

Now this was the first time I’ve ever really ironed curly hair. Which I think makes it a pretty good test run for usability by the average girl. Being the curly hair novice that I am, I didn’t add a straightening agent and we did it from dry hair that had been in a pony tail all day (ideally we would have blown her hair out, put in some straightening serum and then ironed – a bit of process for for any curly-haired girls getting ready for a big night). Madness I know. The level of difficulty on this maneuver was high.

Now I may have bobbled a little on my execution, but I think, as you will see below, I nailed the landing.

From heat up to completion it took about 20 minutes. All I added was some glossing serum at the end (as I didn’t even think about adding something like that beforehand, silly me), a shot of hairspray to counter fly-aways and voila!

The CHI was easy to use. It has a rotating cord, so it doesn’t get tangled as you twist it in your hand. It heated up and cooled down quickly. Most importantly, the results were great and easily achieved.

There are certain beauty tools that it’s wise to invest in. And by invest in, I don’t mean buy a cheapo version. If you want great results, you need good tools. A good hairdryer, hot rollers and a ceramic flat iron. Ceramic tools emit infrared heat, which we’ve discussed before, heats the hair from the inside out, as opposed to drying it from the outside in. Don’t believe me? Trying ironing your hair with a non-ceramic tool and watch the split ends arrive.

I know the price tag is a little high. In the past, I thought I could get get good iron results by using a $50 cheapo knock off. I couldn’t. Not even the graces of good genetics could compare to the results from the real thing. So put a little extra in the piggy bank and save up for some shiny, smooth hair.



  1. Hmmm. So all you need is a friend (who in this case, despite lack of experience with curly hair, is nonetheless a hair prodigy) to do your hair for you every morning! (Methinks it’d be slower going on your own …)

  2. I can ask her to try it on her own and time it if it would put you at ease. 🙂

  3. Heh – I was just teasing you! Glad to have you testing the waters on all these products. But hair-wise, you are indeed a tough act to follow. 🙂

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