Posted by: Chelsea Novak | May 26, 2008

NARS Night Series Mini Palette

Back on the beauty wagon again kids.

I have a huge backlog of products to review, so my apologies for writing about seasonal products whose season has passed. Not that it’s completely wrong to wear dark green or dark purple eyeshadow in the spring, but this particular, lovely palette was part of the NARS 2007 holiday collection. Can we all just pretend that the holiday in question was Victoria/Memorial Day and I can feel a little less behind?

Now we can’t talk palette until I do my usual pitch about the brilliance of palettes. All the colours you need for accent and impact put together in an idiot-proof package. Honestly, life needs more of this.

I usually write about how a makeup product has changed my life. Well, this is one of the few products I’ve found that I want to change my life for. These six beautiful and sparkly shadows make me yearn for the kind of life where I have reason to wear them on a near daily basis. An even more glamorous life where it’s sexy, smoky eyes 24/7.

Practically speaking, I can wear them once, maybe twice a month. There have been moments when I’ve pushed the envelope of appropriate with the purple shades during the day. Honestly, they’re so lovely I challenge anyone to exercise restraint with them.


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