Posted by: Chelsea Novak | April 25, 2008

MAC 187 Duo Fibre Brush

Brushes generate some conflict in me. The pragmatist in me says “A brush is a brush. It gets the makeup on your face one way or another,” and then the artist in me says “Just try it, feel the difference in applying make up with one brush. Feel it on your skin.” And suddenly I’m throwing down $50 for a brush.

I don’t always wear foundation. Even though I have foundation that I love, I’m trying to let my skin show through before I get old and splotchy. But there are times when I need to look polished or when hormones wreak havoc that I need to pull out the big guns.

Back in the day, latex sponges were all the rage and then the revelation came that a foundation brush would not only give you better coverage and more control, it would also cause you to use less product as the sponge tends to do what sponges do, absorb.

The MAC 190 Foundation brush has been good to me for awhile now. Upon reading a rave review of the 187 Duo Fibre Brush that made claims of pleasant application and gorgeous results I decided to give it a try.

The brush is a blend of goat and synthetic fibres. I’ve used it for applying foundation and pigments like blush and have been really impressed by it. It’s so soft going on and it blends beautifully. It makes the 190 feel like I’m throwing paint on a wall with roller. So much so that my inner pragmatist has been fully silenced.

The only, only problem I have with it is that a lot of bristles fall out. Not a tonne, but enough to annoy me. Hopefully with more use it will happen less. It a drag to have this soft and even complexion with little black tufts stuck on the surface. I expect it will improve as I clean it more.



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