Posted by: Chelsea Novak | April 22, 2008

Call The Advertising Standards Council And Get Me A Mop

Honestly, you should see me watching this ad. I get all twitchy. My breathing gets shallow. I may have had heart palpitations during one viewing. Nausea for sure. The pure perversion of taking one of my dearest comforts, tomato soup with Premium Plus crackers, and then turning it into a high-splatter, clothes-staining, generally nasty, hot mess of cracker carpet bombs… WHO, I say, WHO is going to clean all of that up?

It makes me so stressed!




  1. Oh lordy! I actually had basically the same reaction to this commercial. “Why would they want to make me associate tomato soup and pp crackers with all that mess!?!” I find it so disturbing that I change the channel when it comes on. *sigh*

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