Posted by: Chelsea Novak | February 22, 2008

On the good ship Battlestar Gall-actica

After completing season two, episode four

C:…and so season three comes out on March 18, and we have to get Razor in there somewhere before the beginning of April.
M: I think we can do that.
C: Are you enjoying it?
M: Yeah, but is it starting to lose me a little. It’s like they’re doing things for the sake of the audience rather than what works for the plot.
C: I imagine that’s pretty hard not to do in a time when the audience of a given show has such a huge and potentially active voice. Still, I think it’s better than most things on TV.
M: Yeah, it is. It’s just starting to feel a lot like “24” in space.
C: Well, no one has bitten anyone in the jugular… yet.



  1. Matej might like Season 3, in which early episodes were roundly criticized for being more for the benefit of exploring an aspect of the plot than for being of benefit to the audience.

    The thing that keeps me enthralled with Battlestar Galactica is that the characters and story feels “true”. The dialog and plotting elements can falter, and there are definitely stronger and weaker episodes. But the themes and the interactions are compelling, to me.

    Also, it’s unclear when Space will be airing new episodes, so you might have some more time. Not that I woud be averse to torrenting that stuff.

    Anyway – yes, catch up.

    (was the “Gallactica” an intentionaly swipe at “Gall”? Nice!)

  2. Could be. Could be. 🙂

  3. No jugular biting…but someone did lose an ear…that’s gotta count for something.

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