Posted by: Chelsea Novak | January 31, 2008

And now we love eachother again

Turns out well focused rages gets you things. Like getting Facebook to allow your maiden name in your profile, no matter how inadvertently comical it may be. As much as I am still angry that their filters are set the way they are and that their database doesn’t cross reference with currently active Facebook member names, I will give them credit for responding promptly and politely.

I use their service for free and as much as I may feel a sense of moral outrage about the name issue, they were under no real obligation to fix it for me. But they did and they did it quickly and kindly, in spite of taking an uncharacteristically mean complaint from me. So for that I love them again.

At last the Chelsea Gays and the Chelsea Novaks can be effectively socially networked. Now we can all live happily ever after.




  1. Where did Angry_Chelsea go?

    Did Facebook send some hired goons to your house? You can tell us.

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