Posted by: Chelsea Novak | January 10, 2008

Tourmaline Professional Large Barrel Brush

You can buy all the coolest irons, dryers, palettes and glosses you like, but if you don’t use the right tools with them, you’re wasting your money. By tools I mean brushes. Be them for makeup or for hair, these are the things that take you from average to astounding.

My “OMG buy a good brush” rant today is focused on hair brushes. While I’m usually driving people insane with talk about good makeup brushes, today you need to think about the beauty tool that has the most direct effect of the quality of your hair. If you want smoothy, shiny, glossy hair, then you need to use a tool that uses all the powers of science and technology to give it to you.

Right now, if you’re bushing anything and there’s heat involved, that means tourmaline and ions. It seems that any product associated with hair these days involves a combination of these two. The merits of which, we have discussed before.

I recently picked up T3’s tourmaline professional large barrel brush for blowouts. The top completely fell of the Goodie brush I’d been working with for years before hand (being a fool I admit), so I finally had an excuse to upgrade. So far I’ve been okay with it, but I’m finding the brush is actually too big to manage. And I’m not a small person so I don’t know how average sized women use it successfully. The results are great. It really adds nice shine and finish, but it’s just a bit too unruly to use all the time.

Next time, smaller and perhaps made of boar bristle. The bristles on this one are rather sharp and pointy. Hopefully it will be less pokey as I work it in.



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