Posted by: Chelsea Novak | January 9, 2008

CHI Ceramic Flat Iron

I know. It’s silly. The girl with the straightest hair ever has purchased a flat iron. For many years I wondered what possible advantages an iron like this would have for me. It’s not like there was some errant curl that needed taming. Then a few years back my stylist started straightening my hair before my hair cuts, which I generally attributed to getting the most precise cut she could.

It was a styling too, but an expensive one, so I got a cheapo Con-Air one, and, as you’d expect with cheapo products, nary an improvement was seen.

Then, one day when Amanda and I were at the mall, discussing how she needed a flat iron (as she has the naturally wavy hair I covet so) we stumbled upon CHI ceramic flat irons seriously on sale. Seriously. It would have been irresponsible not to get one they we so much on sale.

And so I did and I learned that even for the straight haired girl there are a lot of merits to the flat iron. Kinky ends to your hair from sleeping on it funny? The iron fixes that. Blow your blow out? The iron fixes that. Need to look serious and sleek? The iron does that. Need to flip out your ends? The iron does that too. Curl? Why not.

It’s a great tool and while I try not to use it too often (once a week at most) it doesn’t damage my hair thanks to the ceramic plates and coils that help keep the moisture in my hair. Also the cord is nice and long so I can get at my hair from all kinds of angles. Even better, it heats up in a flash, which has saved my bacon many a morning.

Today’s lesson? Don’t cheap out and don’t underestimate what this tool can do for you.



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