Posted by: Chelsea Novak | January 8, 2008

Wigo Tourmaline Tools 1875 Watt Professional Ionic Hair dryer

There are some beauty tools that you form a deep and lasting bond with. A brush, a clip, whatever it may be, you know that on the worst of days, when you’re hungover, overtired, bloated and bleary, it will always be there for you, giving it’s %120 to make you look like a beauty queen.

My go-to tool was my Braun hair dryer. It was nothing fancy, 1600 watts, light, well made, well balanced and it always treated my hair right without hurting my arms. Anyone who has to blow our long hair on a regular basis understands how much a heavy hair dryer can hurt. My Braun and I were BFFs for well over 13 years. It saw me through many relationships, hair cuts (good and bad) and important nights.

So you can imagine my deep and profound sadness when it started to die. It was having trouble transitioning from hot to cool and often if it was on hot for too long it would just stop. Something kept overheating and tripping the safety fuse, a sure sign that the end was nigh. And to be fair, I knew I was on borrowed time with it anyway.

So with a heavy heart I made my way to the beauty supply store to have at it with a wall of hair dryers. I took Amanda with me because I have good beauty tool karma when she’s with me (everything seems to be on sale when we’re shopping together at lunch – so dangerous). I knew that I wanted the dryer to be ionic and made from tourmaline. A ceramic tourmaline dryer apparently helps dry hair quickly without drying it out. I’ve read that it does this because Tourmaline (a semi-precious mineral)emits negative ions and infrared heat. The negative ions close the cuticle layer of the hair making it glossy. The infrared heat makes your hair dry faster by “drying from within.” Sounds a tad hokey I know, but it means that conventional heat is not frying the outside of your hair, but instead the infrared heat is drying it from the inside out, meaning less damage.

So fast drying, hair protecting, shiny goodness. Oh and it also had to fit in my hair dryer drawer. Being on sale, that’d be nice too.

So after playing around with the dryers on the wall and getting some guidance from the staff I was shown the Wigo Tourmaline Tools 1875 Watt Professional Ionic Hair dryer. It was super light, lots of power, fit the drawer criteria, came with some neat extras like a diffuser (you know, so I can make my hair curl (HA!)) and it was (because of the Amanda factor) $70 off!

I’ve been using it for some time now and it’s been a worth replacement to the Braun. Our time had been good together, but now that it’s done, I have a new BFF who’s there for the good times and the bad hair days. My hair drys exceptionally fast, the shine factor is apparent and my arms are still protected from blowout burnout. RIP Braun, you will live on through my Wigo.




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