Posted by: Chelsea Novak | December 13, 2007

I keep a bottle of Buckley’s near, just to remind me

I’m getting over what I’ve coined “The Vertigo Cold.” Guess what the primary symptom is? I’m back at work, trying to stay seated as much as I can. I managed to get through the last two days without hitting my head on anything at home each time I fell down, so it would be a shame to incur a head injury when I’m on the upswing back at the office. Did that stop me from wearing heels? Oh, goodness no.

I’ve also made it through this cold without having to get all insane on pseudoephedrine. As I’ve proven many times before, it manages my cold symptoms, but it also makes me a snarky ass. So Tylenol has been my elixir. That and an unopened bottle of Buckley’s. I’ve kept it close by to scare my body into getting better. It knows that if it doesn’t shape up, I’m going to assault it with that truly noxious “cold remedy”. Seems to be working thus far.



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