Posted by: Chelsea Novak | November 22, 2007

Overhead while listening to "Get Buck In Here" by DJ Felli Fel

Chelsea: You know, this song really makes me wonder who Buck is and why he’s so important to this party.
Tash: They sure are making a fuss about him.
Tash: You do know that by Buck, they mean buck naked right?
Chelsea: OH. MY. GOD.
Tash: I thought you were being all funny and facetious about there being an actual person named Buck.
Chelsea: No! I actually thought it was about a guy named Buck.
Tash: Yeah, no. I’m pretty sure they mean buck naked.
Chelsea: It does make sense considering all the other lyrics. But if you listen to it, assuming it’s normal English, “Get Buck in here” would mean getting a person, named Buck, in here.
Tash: You should not make any assumptions about normal English when you’re listening to hip-hop.



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