Posted by: Chelsea Novak | November 7, 2007

Any time now

I like to think that I’m a pretty healthy person. I try to eat well, I exercise a great deal, get a good amount of sleep, don’t smoke and aside from the fact that I’ve had at least a drink a day for the last two months*, I’m pretty good with the sauce.

I don’t think I get sick more or less than the average person. I work in healthcare, so I’m pretty good with the hand washing since I have peripheral exposure to some exciting nastys. I had a cold about four weeks ago. Three days of phlegmy good times and four weeks of a cough. Four weeks! Frankly I’m bored with it.

My mother has informed me that a virus can take as long as six weeks to really work it’s way out of your system. This was news she imparted to me when I called to her ask if I was developing Tuberculosis. You know, cause catching consumption is the new black** and I’m just a bit of a drama queen when it comes to my health.

So two more weeks to go of this and then maybe I can watch Moulin Rouge again.


*sadly this was a direct result of stress, which I tried to mitigate through exercise, which sadly wasn’t enough. A cider at the end of the day did what it needed to do in order to prevent my head from blowing off my body. Thankfully that period of stress is over now.

**Something Tash and I were wondering about as we were discussing my persistent cough.. how was it that in all those movies when the courtesan was dying of highly infectious TB, that no one, including the poor sap she had fallen in love with and was in very intimate contact with, actually caught it too? Think about it.



  1. I had a nasty sore throat a week ago Tuesday and actually stayed home from work because of it. Felt fine Wednesday, but started coughing Thursday.

    Had troubled nights of sleep through the weekend, but now it’s just nagging. Like a meek little throat-clearing every so often throughout the day.

    Rob says it would be less annoying (to him!) if I were really hacking up some stuff, cus like, then it would at least be accomplishing something.

  2. In November 2004, we honeymooned in Victoria B.C. On the flight home, I started to feel a cold coming on. It turned into a nasty “respiratory infection” that didn’t go away until the following APRIL. I had to go on 2 rounds of steroids, inhalers, 3 different cycles of antibiotics, have 2 mri’s and saw a few specialists. If it hadn’t gone away when it did, I was supposed to be hospitalized because it was just so draining that I was wasting away!

    I hope your would-be-TB clears up quickly! Being sick during the Holidays is no fun!

  3. Hey C:

    Oh, I’m such a germ-o-phobe. I had a hell of a time in that cesspool called Africa. What was I thinking? I’m going to the doctor tomorrow to have a checkup, and make sure I didn’t bring anything back worse than the rash on my left foot.

    As far as colds and stuff, do you guys have Emergen-C up in Canadia? Best stuff ever. Also, if you have Zicam, that stuff works really well if you take it as soon as you start to feel crummy. Mucinex also does wonders for chest congestion, though you have to drink a glass of water for every pill you take, so you don’t get dried out.

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