Posted by: Chelsea Novak | October 25, 2007

Full Pedantor rising

C: There’s going to be a full moon tomorrow.
M: Is that so?
C: A lot of people think it’s today, but they’re wrong.

C: Do you want to know what this full moon is named?
M: Do I have a choice?
C: It’s the “Full Hunter’s Moon.” Because the earth is closest to the moon this time of year, the moon rises sooner so there’s hardly any time of full darkness between sunset and moon rise, which makes it easier for hunters to track prey at night.
M: Don’t animals sleep at night?
C: I’d guess it’s a lot easier to hunt a sleeping animal.

C: I love moonlight. *sighs wistfully*
M: You know, it’s not actually light from the moon.
C: I know. It’s the light from the sun as reflected off the moon.
C: *whispers* Buzzkill.
M: Did you say something?
C: Nope.
M: Am I being Pedantor?
C: Yes. Yes you are.




  1. That sounds like every conversation I’ve ever had with Emma. 😉

    (To be fair, I’m usually the one playing Pedantor.)

  2. I saw this:

    and naturally thought of you …

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