Posted by: Chelsea Novak | October 24, 2007

In which I react badly to a minor change

Wedding season is over, summer is over and I no longer need to hide my upper back with really long hair. Having long layered hair was tremendously fun. It looked great while dancing and it was, in truth, pretty easy to maintain. It usually strangled me in my sleep, but it made me feel pretty.

All that said, it was getting unruly and damaged. For the last few months I kept looking at photos of women with really angular bobs and thinking “Wow that would look so cool.” I mentioned this to my stylist in July while I was in for a trim and she suggested approaching a dramatic change like that in steps. Very sage advice from a woman who knows me well.

I go into the salon yesterday, totally over the bob thing, cause I know that I would miss having my hair on my shoulders too much and she tells me with relief “Oh I’m so glad you changed your mind! I’ve done 17 bobs in the last week. It’s getting out of hand and I know you don’t want to have the same haircut as everyone else.”

True dat. But I was still up for a bit of change. So the plan was that it was the end for the super long layers in the back, eliminating what I have referred to as my pelt for the last three years (it was this section of really long hair, made me think of a beaver’s tail, so I guess I should have called it my tail, but I didn’t, so we’re all stuck with pelt) and it was time to make my sweep of bangs more structured. All good ideas.

And this is the result (photo taken with my camera phone):

My colleague Anitra made me take a smiling version of this photo, as the first one I took made me “look like an assassin”

I don’t know if I like it or not yet. Honestly, it’s not that much of a change. Yes, it’s about four inches shorter, but it’s not dramatic in it’s difference. I guess I’m just not in the mood for even the slightest change today.




  1. Oh, it’s pretttty. I like your swept bangs. Mine don’t behave so well.

    And, OMG, you do look like an assassin. Save that picture for when you need to apply for a Russian visa.

  2. Looking good Chel…now all you need to do is update the avatar!!

  3. I love it!

    Of course, I currently have almost the exact same hair, so my vote of yeah is sort of subjective.

    But zexy. Hells yes.

  4. I like it! And I don’t think it’s a huge departure from what you had before so it was a wise compromise. Looks lovely!

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