Posted by: Chelsea Novak | October 15, 2007

Relaxation: now with kleenex

The thermometer has turned into a yo-yo and with the constant ups and downs, I now am the proud owner of a cold. A stupid cold I have no time for, but how often in life do you really have time for a cold.

The oscillating temperature is one of two of reasons I’ve turned into a mucus fountain. I did a silly thing this weekend and went to the spa, wherein I actually allowed myself to relax. I let down my defenses as I was scrubbed to a shine with citrus scented salts and then lulled into total peace during a full body massage. That’s when the cold gets you.

If I could go back and skip the spa to save my future self from congestion and aches? No. I would just do it on a weekend when I have time to be sick the following week. Alas, nothing comes without a cost.



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