Posted by: Chelsea Novak | October 10, 2007

Genetically pre-disposed to buying uselss crap at Canadian Tire

herhighnessness: Canadian Tire is a dangerous place.
drvesmir: Oh yeah?
drvesmir: What did you get?
herhighnessness: Ant traps, Christmas ribbon, small garbage bags for the green bin and glow sticks.
drvesmir: Glow sticks?
drvesmir: Are we raving?
herhighnessness: I almost also purchased decorative garland for the front door, a large glass measuring cup and dryer sheets.
drvesmir: I’m still confused about the glow sticks.
herhighnessness: I’m not entirely sure why I got them.
drvesmir: OK. That’s fair.
herhighnessness: It just seemed like something we should have around.
drvesmir: Why didn’t you get the dryer sheets?
drvesmir: That sounds like something we would use.
herhighnessness: They didn’t have any.
herhighnessness: But we need them.
drvesmir: Gotcha.
herhighnessness: I’m rather amazed that you’re not getting upset with me for buying more Christmas ribbon.
drvesmir: I expect it now.
drvesmir: No use fighting it.
drvesmir: I’m sure I’ll buy something ridiculous soon.
herhighnessness: 🙂
herhighnessness: it’s really nice!
drvesmir: I’m sure it is.



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