Posted by: Chelsea Novak | October 9, 2007

The woman in the mirror

This past summer my grandmother moved out of her apartment and into retirement facility. She’s 93, so really, she’s more than proven that she could do it on her own. Living on your own can be a lot of work and it was becoming a bit much for her, so after a bout of sickness this summer, she and my mother decided that it was time for the move.

When she moved out of the big farm house and into her apartment years back, she and my mother did a huge purge of stuff. I remember playing in that house as a child and it was enormous. Every room furnished and full of a lifetime of stuff. With this most recent move there was an additional scaling back of belongings. Which means some of the family treasures are starting to make their way to me.

My Nana passed away just over seven years ago. When I moved back to Canada my parents let me take some of her sterling sliver. I find polishing it tremendously therapeutic, and, unfortunately, because of a long protracted illness, I never really knew my Nana that well, so having some of her things is rather meaningful to me. Two of those sterling silver items were a brush and mirror set my Nana was given as a wedding present.

As a little girl, playing in my Grandmother’s house I was always fascinated by her ivory brush and mirror set and she promised me that one day I would have them. And that day was today. I now have a brush and mirror set from both Grandmothers. Though from what my research is telling me, cleaning ivory will be no where near as fun as cleaning sterling silver.

It also makes me wonder, will my still theoretical granddaughters treasure my Mason Pearson brush this much?



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