Posted by: Chelsea Novak | September 9, 2007

Marriage: year one

Our first year of marriage has been bookended by fire alarms.

At our wedding last year, just a we had finished dinner, our MC Wendy was about to take to the mic to start the speaking portion of the evening when a fire alarm went off. There was another wedding at the inn that night and one of their table cloths had gone up in flames. The dutiful Canadians in the crowd all got up and went outside in an orderly manner, while the Czechs and Americans sat out the fire alarm inside, something we all found awfully amusing. It was the true Canadian obedience I’d told Wendy about in action.

The tablecloth was eventually subdued and we were all allowed back into the inn after an impeccably timed after dinner 7th inning stretch. I was actually kind of pleased about it because it meant that I actually had an opportunity to wear my veil as a wrap.

Just 30 minutes ago, a year to the day we got married, we were jolted out of bed for a real fire alarm as one of the tenants in the basement had left some pasta sauce on the stove and fallen asleep. All was remedied, but as we got back into the house and got settled, M commented to me “I guess it’s all about fire alarms with us.”

We’re new to the concept of anniversaries. When we got together in 1998, things were a little blurry and complicated so we’ve never really had a date to mark the relationship with. There were all these new things to sort out. Do we celebrate on the actually anniversary day (yes) or the nearest weekend (no)? Are we doing gifts (yes)? There were details to sort out. Apparently it’s been solidified that it has to involve a fire alarm in some manner.

Which is definitely one way to get your heart pounding and make you take notice of an important event. Not that I need help in making my heart go pitter-patter when I think of M.

Being a newlywed was great and I think we’ve started this marriage off in a wonderful way. The whole matrimonial experience has been more than I’d imagined it could be. But to be honest, as cool as it’s been so far, I’m almost more excited about what’s come in the future. Even if it means always having a fire extinguisher near by.

Today’s sing-a-long song: “Such Great Heights” by The Postal Service




  1. Happy anniversary, you two!

  2. Happy anniversary!!! 🙂

  3. Who needs bells and whistles when you’re still on fire for each other?


  4. That’s so sweet 🙂 I’m totally late, but happy anniversary!!!

    My husband and I are going to have to do something special for our first anniversary but I haven’t figured out what yet…

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