Posted by: Chelsea Novak | August 15, 2007

Fallout from the season premiere of The Hills as heard in the car on the way home from work

M: I felt dumber for watching the two minutes of it that I saw.
C: Listen, the only thing that you watch on TV that I mock is baseball.
M: And I only mock you for watching The Hills. Besides, watching baseball makes me smarter. I’m learning statistics.
C: Inane statistics and fat men in unflattering pants. I watch The Hills mostly for the clothes. Two of them work at Teen Vouge.
m: Yes TEEN Vouge.
C: Still stylish. And it’s entertaining. Spencer is such an ass. He and Heidi said they needed art for their living room and decorated it with the word Hollywood done in graffiti and she didn’t even flip out on him. She just asked if he got any white paint as well. She doesn’t stand up to him. She’s so brainwashed.
M: She’s told to act brainwashed, so that you’ll want to watch the show.
C: Are you suggesting that The Hills isn’t real?
M: Okay, get out of the car. I’m not even slowing down.



  1. These conversational snippets are my new favourite thing about this blog- and it’s a crowded field.

    If you do this for long enough, you’ll have a play.

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