Posted by: Chelsea Novak | August 14, 2007

Rejoice! Goth eyes are fashionable again!

So I’m looking through the Sephora runway report for fall beauty trends and I’m seeing much of what I expected. Straight hair, red lips, old Hollywood glamour and I saw a trend that made my heart go pitter patter. Goth eyes. I’m so happy I could purr.

Smoky, heavily lined eyes are like a warm cozy blanket on a cold day for me. I’m sure everyone has an item of clothing or a cosmetic element that makes you feel awesome. Lots of eyeliner, mascara and brown or purple shadow make me feel powerful (I was going to say invincible, but I concede that I am overselling it). I’ve been scaling back on it all as I’ve gotten older, acknowledging that if I did it as a teen, then odds are I shouldn’t be doing it as an adult and it’s not in style.

But I’ve gotten old enough that the trends have come back in. So this fall, as the temperatures cool, you can expect me to put on my warm blanket of dark eyes. Best to invest in some really good eye makeup remover, no?


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