Posted by: Chelsea Novak | July 6, 2007

Science is hard

Chelsea: Like what’s the difference between cell death and cell life relinquishment.
Chelsea: I mean, they’re just fucking with me now.
Tash: I forgot about that phrase!!
Chelsea: It means cell death right?
Tash: Well, I’m guessing they mean apoptosis?
Chelsea: Yes.
Chelsea: Isn’t that cell death?
Tash: The cell making a decision to die, instead of being killed.
Chelsea: It’s STILL DEATH!!!!
Tash: Very, very true.
Tash: But to the people that do the research it’s a very important distinction.
Chelsea: Yes, yes I know.
Tash: I heard the disdain in that.

Today’s sing-a-long: “She Blinded Me With Science” by Thomas Dolby



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