Posted by: Chelsea Novak | June 16, 2007

Home longer than gone

Getting this close to 1000 posts has me overwhelmed with nostalgia. Today I’ve realized that I’ve been back in Canada for four years, which means I’ve been back longer than I was away.

I was talking to my mother-in-law about this and she felt like I did, like I’ve only been back for maybe two years. Like living in Prague was just yesterday.

And it made me wonder, do you lose expatriate cred as you spend more time on your native soil? Not that I matters I guess. Maybe I’m looking for meaning in milestones that simply aren’t there. I just can’t shake the feeling that if I stay in one place too long I’ll be there indefinitely.

Thing is, I really like being in Toronto. I love that 95 per cent of my friends are within the city limits. I love where I live and there’s still so much to experience here. But there are also a lot of other amazing cities out there and I fear that as we get older we become less inclined to take risks.

Maybe I should just let passing dates be passing dates.


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