Posted by: Chelsea Novak | June 14, 2007

Going too far

It’s no secret that I love my cat. Like most cat owners, or even pet owners, Zeus is part of my family and a tremendously important part of my life.

I’ve gotten some flack from readers and friends that I blog too much about my cat. While it makes me pause for a moment, I also get a lot of support and “awww” from other readers and friends. You can never please the masses, so you might as well please yourself.

I try my best to not get silly with my affection for my cat. I don’t dress him up or anything silly like that. I take pictures of him, I but him toys, I care for him and pay a lot for food for him. I keep it all pretty sane.

Or at least I try to. I think I may have just crossed the line. I have created a profile for Zeus on catbook, the feline version of facebook. I’m half ashamed and half excited, because I know a few of my friends with cats will do the same thing and Zeus will have friends on his account.

Maybe a little more ashamed than excited.



  1. OMG that is the best idea in the WORLD! How HILARIOUS! I am so signing up my cats!!! 🙂

    -Rachael (your friend on Facebook, haha)

    (PS – I sure hope you have seen the lolcats… try !!!!)

  2. I have seen those lolcats. Mike sends me links to them very, very often. So awesome.

  3. My favorite thing about your cat is when you greet him, or address him emphatically, like “Hey Zeus”, you sound like you’re addressing him as a latino feline jesus.

  4. While I don’t have a facebook page for Griffin, I do have a whole photo album of Griffin pictures.

    I highly recommend Zeus friend Squee Bee, my friend Hunter’s super chill Zeus-alike kitty. Mrowwww!

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