Posted by: Chelsea Novak | June 1, 2007

My best editor

Danny: You gotta walk before you crawl.
Rusty: Reverse that.

M: You should have used the Ocean’s 11 quote for your last blog title.
herhighnessness: But I reversed it.
M: But now it makes sense
herhighnessness: Yes.
M: And in your case you never crawled and now you have to basically learn how, so the Ocean’s 11 way makes more sense for you.
herhighnessness: Yes, but this makes more sense to people in general.
herhighnessness: And I have to learn to walk.
herhighnessness: Not crawl.
M: But wouldn’t the slightly confusing way be more compelling?
herhighnessness: It would still be confusing, no?
M: The only reason I say so is that now it sounds like just a regular saying, but if you keep it the way it was, people may recognize the quote or at least be more compelled to read on.
M: Your song should have been from Ocean’s 11, but now I’m just being really picky.
herhighnessness: I don’t remember Ocean’s 11 having a song about walking.
M: That’s probably true.
M: Yeah, no really good songs:
herhighnessness: I love that you actually looked.


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