Posted by: Chelsea Novak | May 30, 2007

Smooth move Exlax

I have bad luck with technology and toilets.

Back in Prague, at end the first day of the Heavy Hitters Softball Tournament, when I was the last person to leave, I managed to drop my cell phone in the toilet. I dropped the phone in before anything that you would enter a bathroom to do had begun, so fishing it out was simple. Sadly, I needed that phone in the morning to coordinate the next day of the tournament, but it was so totally not working. So I had 45 minutes before all the stores closed that day to get myself a new phone, which I did, but that sucked, cause phones ain’t cheap.

Today I got to relive some of that experience with the on-call pager here at work. Tragically this time, I managed to drop the communications device into the toilet after all business had been done and the flush lever had been pushed down. All I could do was watch in horror as the pager was sucked down into a place where I could not and would not follow.

The question wasn’t really about whether I should laugh or cry, but more about just how hard I should laugh about it. I told our admin person who kindly contacted facilities for me, after laughing at me a great deal.

To my surprise, we learned that pagers are dropped down toilets all the time, but people aren’t usually as good as we were about reporting it, so when they arrive to fix a broken toilet they sometimes find a pager present. Facilities laughed at me too.

I then had to let communications know that all the on-call pages should be going to my personal pager. I tired to make the arrangements without having to divulge why the change had to be made, but I had to fess up when they asked me why. And then, as predicted, they laughed at me and said “Oh wow, I have to tell everyone about this one.”

Facilities was able to fish the pager out of the toilet. Our admin person claims that they had to totally destroy the toilet to get it out, but the toilet is still working and looks unharmed, so I think he’s pulling my leg. Deservedly so I think.

Thankfully communications is replacing the pager, but I still feel silly about it all. I guess as technology gets smaller, it gets more likely that at some point, I will drop it in a toilet.

Today’s sing-a-long song: “Sugar We’re Going Down” by Fallout Boy



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